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The Role of Pharmacists in the California Marijuana Industry

The California medical marijuana act which is still in the implementation stage will require that all the licensed medical marijuana dispensaries be operated by approved pharmacists. The state recognizes that selling marijuana is still a sensitive trade and it needs to be highly regulated despite its legalization, which is why it insists that professionals be put in charge of things. Their major responsibility will be to dispense cannabis at the licensed dispensaries.


What role will pharmacists play in the California marijuana industry?

-Administering dosages- To avoid cases of abusing the herb, pharmacists will be in charge of administering dosages to patients. The act clearly states that no more than one ounce of the herb should be used at a time and the pharmacists will be there to keep things at bay. For those who enjoy their pot in high dosages, you may have to reduce your dosage if you indeed want to keep your highly treasured habit legal. However, in cases where a patient has a physician`s recommendation to take more than one ounce, they will have to comply and give you the required dosage. For instance, cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy may sometimes require higher dosages in order to handle and resist the pain.

-Administering the best mode of intake for users- As a marijuana pharmacists in California, you will be put in charge of advising patients on the best form of intake for their condition. For instance, most parents who have kids with conditions that require regular marijuana intake may be opposed to the idea of making their child smoke a joint. Thus, as a pharmacist you should be able to help them out and recommend a more practical mode of intake.

It is important to note that patients will need to provide a doctor`s recommendation or have a medical marijuana card before they can access legal cannabis at any dispensary.

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