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How to Obtain a Medical Marijuana Card in California

Getting high on marijuana is finally legal in California and this definitely great news to all the pot lovers in the State. However, one vital thing that most people are forgetting is the fact that you can`t just walk into a cannabis dispensary and expect to be served. You need to have a doctor`s recommendation or a medical marijuana card before you are able to legally access and enjoy your beloved grass. Most of you have probably a bit familiar with the doctor`s recommendation requirement, but the medical marijuana card or MMJ card as it`s commonly known is not familiar to most people.

You want to enjoy legal cannabis in California? – Here`s how:

-Get a doctor`s recommendation- getting this one is easy, you just need to visit a physician and once they`re convinced that you indeed have a medical condition that requires frequent cannabis use they will definitely write you one. Once you have the physicians’ recommendation, you can walk into any cannabis dispensary in the state and purchase your recommended dosage.

-Get a medical marijuana card (MMJ Card)- Did you know that you can acquire your MMJ card online?- Yes it is as simple as that. If you believe that marijuana improves the quality of your life or you have a condition that requires frequent use of the herb, you can get both a doctor`s recommendation and MMJ card online. You will be prompted to fill a standard medical form and once you’re done you can upload the required medical documents.

The next stage is known as the evaluation process where you`ll have either a live video session or a phone conversation with a doctor in order to determine your health history. Once the doctor determines that you indeed have a medical condition that requires the use of cannabis, your request will be approved and a digital recommendation will be sent to your mail. The good news is that you can start using the recommendation the moment you print it out.

Afterwards, you`ll be sent the official MMJ wallet-sized card which is renewable annually. Once you have this card, you are legally allowed to use cannabis in California.

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