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California Medical Marijuana Regulations

When word got out that that California voters had voted in a new law that would legalize the use of the herb in the state, most people especially users could hardly hide their excitement. It meant that for the first time they would be able to enjoy their favorite `medicine` without going to back alleys to look for a dealer. Most people in the state actually thought that buying marijuana would now be as easy as buying groceries, but not quite.

For starters, the industry will be regulated by a law that is still in the implementation stage and will fully be operational starting January 2018. In case you didn’t know, trading of recreational cannabis in California will only commence in January 2018, once the state has fully established a licensing system. Until then, only patients who have a doctor`s recommendation can have access to the legal marijuana that is sold in the dispensaries.

According to the California Marijuana Act:

-Users need to be 21 years and above- patients who are 21 years and below must have a doctor`s recommendation and will be able to access medical marijuana through their legal guardian.

-The act limits each household to a maximum of six marijuana plants at a time (this is for those who choose to grow their own cannabis)

-The act prohibits users from using cannabis in public places

-For any dispensary that is selling cannabis in form of edibles, they should not in any way be packaged in a fashion that may be appealing to kids.

-The act prohibits users from driving under influence

-Patients are prohibited from consuming cannabis while flying on a plane or riding on a boat.

-No more than one ounce of cannabis should be consumed at a time- unless your medical condition requires it and you have a recommendation from a physician.

Once you have a medical marijuana card you are allowed to:

-Purchase cannabis from any dispensary in California

-Cultivate cannabis on your own, to treat your condition

-Possess cannabis: you are protected by the law from arrest if found in possession of it, for personal use

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